I am still a growing young man. I am a true sagittarius. I love my job. I need to get back to work. I love Turkey Wing dinners for $3.79 from Piggly Wiggly. I like notes from people on BP who have seen my page. I love notes from my friends. I need to wash my car. I enjoyed my high school years. But yo I really loved and I`m still loving my college days. I am single and looking. I would like to share my time with an honest and intelligent woman who can communicate her feelings, thoughts and emotions, as well as, be an attractive woman who is also dependable and hopefully morally developed. I like to talk to know just what type of personality a woman posseses. I like women of all shades and colors. I am much more fun in person. I have the spirit of a twenty year old, the maturity of a thirty year old bottled up inside of me. I am very nonchalant. I have a very, very junky desk. I was born in Columbia, SC but I have to claim Orangeburg, SC now. I have been there for years. I haven`t been `strolling` around "Tha Gardens" for years. I love to watch soccer. I like to keep busy. I`m an education major. I love to wear casual clothes. I have a lesson to learn and a place to guide me. I am sincere and honest. I appreciate communication, it`s much more healthy to talk than to argue. I gotta to clearup my debt. I live life without stress and drama. I can`t for the life of me find a needor want in my life for drugs or alcohol. I like to talk. I love to listen. I am really supposed to be doing some work. I am living, breathing proof that you should never ever judge a book by it`s cover. I know that there is much more to attraction than people think. I think I have a grasp on the Construct of a Relationship. I have a mind of my own. I am only now beginning to realize my potential. I love my mother and father but I can`t seem to tell them as much as I should. I saw on BP where someone wrote "imitation is the best form of flattery." I have found that my simplicity2 is often mistaken for complexity. I blaze remembrance of my existence on your Hippocampus with ease. I am the Uncommon Denominator.

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