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Let's Chat Man!
    If you ain't up on VP Chat then you really laggin behind. When you get it set up add these two community servers under the tools menu. and

Now don't get caught faceless at Virtual Places. Cuz you gotta have a grill to get some respect.
            Now you can look like this.                             Or you can look like this.
Get your Avatars and Gestures here!
Here is a friendly enough place to start off if you are just learning to chat.

Free Stuff Man
     This is where you can get the flyest peer-peer program on the net. If you got peeps in every chat room around you want to have this to keep track of them no matter where they yackin.

    Click on these two cows and snatch up all the Windows programs you can fit on your hard drive.

Now here is a link to more free ware than yo momma thought you should be allowed to see.

You don't have an E-mail Address?
If you ain't got no Email Address click on one of these two. Registration is easy and it's free.
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