Well, I don`t have a Wifey just yet. Probably because I am really picky. I want to deal with a Woman who can serve as a compliment to my lifestyle. I`m, just as my name says, a Laid Back Fella and I prefer awoman who is secure and happy with her life. I`m a straight forward and down to earth Black Man who is secure with himself and I need the same from a Woman. I want an honest and intelligent woman who can communicate her feelings, thoughts and emotions. She has to be an attractive woman who is also dependable.
Now when I say attractive I don`t mean she has to look good to anyone else but me. She can be big or small, short or tall, light or dark, long hair or short. I alone need to find her attractive. Yeah it`s a plus if others think that she is all that but I need to be a tease with the choice I`ve made.
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